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Government celebrates a million superfast broadband users but not everyone is convinced

The Government announced this morning that their rollout of superfast broadband has now reached 1 million homes and businesses.

The £1.7bn rollout intends to bring superfast broadband to 95% of UK homes and businesses by 2017 and the Government says its plans are “firmly on track”.

While the national rollout appears to be going well, there are still worries about getting broadband to the remaining 5% of the country, most of whom live in hard to reach rural areas.

National rollout

The Government acknowledges the need to get broadband to every corner of the UK.

They say that their focus is now that final 5% – those areas in the most remote and hardest to reach places in the UK that are not covered by existing plans.

Gavin Patterson, Chief Executive Officer of BT, said that despite getting fibre to rural areas being difficult and often complex, they are making “great progress”.

Tech City internet

There are also still complaints about access to superfast broadband within London’s ‘Tech City’.

BT announced last week that they will be trialling new technology that could be the difference in the battle for better broadband.

One of the problems with installing fibre optic in London buildings is that businesses have to get planning permission from a number of stakeholders before it can go ahead.

This new technology might help get around those problems though it is still unclear how many businesses the trial will initially help.