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Sunak’s week wooing tech leaders: The good, the bad and the CBI

Rishi Sunak addresses tech leaders at Business Connect
Sunak takes questions at Business Connect in North London.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak began last week telling a room full of nearly 250 business and tech leaders that he is “unashamedly pro-business”. Speaking at the inaugural Business Connect summit, Sunak’s driving message was that his government is here to listen to the concerns of businesses.

It was a chance for the prime minister to reset relations with private industry after the calamitous events of his predecessor, with one eye on the next general election.

Sunak’s week wooing business leaders comes against the backdrop of an existential crisis for the CBI, the UK’s largest business lobby group, after it faced two allegations of rape by female staff.

Labour, which continues to enjoy a healthy lead in the polls, has made it clear it intends to go toe-to-toe with the Conservatives on business. Its own leaders have been holding regular meetings with industry leaders. Both parties are keen to show support for tech startups – Labour with its startup review, the Tories with its “Unicorn Kingdom” campaign....