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Liz Truss: The tech policy in-tray facing Britain’s prime minister

Liz Truss
Image credit: Clicksbox via Shutterstock

After a lengthy leadership contest, the Conservative Party has named Liz Truss as the successor to Boris Johnson and the new prime minister of the UK.

While soaring energy costs, housing, and inflation will take priority during the early days of Truss’ premiership, there are a number of tech policy issues that will be piling up on her in-tray.

Here are just some of the matters most pressing to the UK tech industry that Liz Truss will have to deal with.

The Online Safety Bill

The highly polarising Online Safety Bill, designed to be an overarching law to monitor potentially harmful activity on the internet, remains in limbo.

Progress on the bill was halted during the leadership contest. However, now that the next prime minister has been decided, it will likely return as a hot topic of political discussion....