Ed Vaizey

Digital Economy Minister Ed Vaizey has called for ideas on how the UK’s digital revolution can be developed further.

The minister has asked for input from the public and members of the tech industry in shaping the UK’s digital strategy for the next five years.

He wants the UK to become synonymous with digital innovation, with technology transforming day-to-day life, the economy and government.

Vaizey said: “Every part of the UK economy and our lives has been digitised – from how we shop and entertain ourselves to the way we travel to work and manage our health. This digital fever exploded from the cluster in east London, and has spread to every part of the country, making the UK truly a ‘Tech Nation’.”

He went on to say the UK must continue to take advantage of the benefits digital transformation has to offer.

“Come 2020, undoubtedly the UK landscape will have changed to be firmly in the digital age. But how do you want to shape that? Let’s show the rest of the world how it’s done,” he added.

Areas of interest

One area the government is exploring is EdTech, and, specifically, whether innovations such online courses could be used in schools.

It is also examining what can be done with technology to make the NHS more efficient, plus looking at how the UK can remain at the cutting edge of developments in areas such as artificial intelligence.

Matthew Hancock, minister for the Cabinet Office and Paymaster General, said: “We will further invest and develop technology that removes friction, simplifies government and delivers better services for less.”

Members of the public and tech industry can send their thoughts to digitalstrategy@culture.gov.uk by 19th January.