Britain ‘strikes Brexit divorce bill deal’ with EU

Brexit high five

UK and European Union negotiators have reportedly agreed a deal over the so-called ‘Brexit bill’.

According to The Telegraph, the deal could serve as a potential breakthrough in talks due to happen next month.

Sources on both sides have confirmed that an ‘agreement-in-principle’ had been reached with regards to the EU’s request for a €60bn financial settlement and would precede a crucial meeting between Theresa May and European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker due to take place on Monday.

The terms were reportedly agreed during a meeting in Brussels last week, following tense discussions led by Oliver Robbins, the UK’s top Brexit negotiator.

Reports say the final figure will be between €45bn and €55bn and will depend on how each side calculates output after a common methodology is agreed upon.

Sources told the publication that the apparent breakthrough still leaves two main obstacles, which would need to be overcome in order to continue making progress when the European Council reconvenes in mid-December.

Brexit has caused a range of concerns among UK tech entrepreneurs, who fear it will result in reduced access to international talent and potentially translate into a loss of passporting rights across the EU.