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Google acquires London startup Divide

A company that was started at a kitchen table in London has been acquired by Google.

In a post on their website, Divide announced that they are joining Google’s Android team. The post did not reveal the financial details of the deal.

Divide develop software that allows corporations to separate business and personal data on employee-owned mobile devices.

Divide and conquer

HomescreenDivide provides a secure workspace that acknowledges the distinction between business and pleasure. Business apps as well as high-end encryption are built in.

It was started at by co-founders Andrew Toy, Alexander Trewby and David Zhu in London. The company set up in New York before expanding to Hong Kong.

Two years ago, the company came back to their roots in London, setting up in the TechHub workspace.

A London success

In a blog post, TechHub CEO and founder Elizabeth Varley celebrated the success for both Divide and London:

I am fairly bouncing about with excitement over this – not just what it means for Divide, but as such a great success for the London tech scene.

Earlier this year, Google aquired London startups spider.io, Rangespan and DeepMind Technologies.

Google are also currently rumoured to be in talks about acquiring the video game streaming service Twitch.