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Fundraising service goes global in 3 continents



London data-driven charity tool provider expands to the USA, Canada, Ireland, UK and Australia

London-based fundraising tool provider for non-profits has expanded to three continents.

The startup will help charities across the USA, Canada, Ireland, UK and Australia raise awareness and donations through its data driven software.

Hermione Way asks if tech has ruined San Francisco in our new print edition, launching in December provides white-label tools for charities to help them connect with potential donors online.

The lostprofits

The company’s social network arm, which provides fundraising and awareness building tools for free on its own platform, has also become a charity. offers many similar services to the company’s white label ones, but is remaining in the UK as a not-for-profit organisation.

Unlike other fundraising platforms like JustGiving, it lets charities keep 100% of donations and Gift Aid reclaimed after credit card fees.


Across borders

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 11.38.21Co­Founder and CEO, Matthias Metternich says it’s a surprisingly easy product to expand all over the world.

We don’t think of charities or causes as having a physical location anymore, so if someone is trying to raise money the only thing that matters is the problem they’re solving.