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Yoyo Wallet’s Michael Rolph on how he’s raised $30m, his business expansion plans and more


I caught up with Michael Rolph, CEO of Yoyo Wallet.

Rolph spoke about the challenges that come with turning an idea into a viable business, shared his top advice for successful fundraising and gave a general update on Yoyo expansion plans in Europe.

Q: What’s your background? What were you doing before Yoyo?

Before founding Yoyo in 2014, I was an advisor at Azimo, a mobile and internet money transfer company, as well as a mentor at Seedcamp, where I helped jumpstart the entrepreneurial community in Europe.

Prior to that, I was a non-executive director at The MoBank Group, which specialises in creating and operating transactional systems for mobile commerce, banking and payments. I was also director & EiR at Anthemis Group, a specialist advisory firm for growth-stage companies in financial services, markets and technology. And before all that, I did stints at PayPal, First Data Corporation and Barclaycard Business....