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Founder in Five: Q&A with Yoti CEO Robin Tombs

Yoti founder Robin Tombs

Robin Tombs is the CEO and co-founder of Yoti, a digital verification software company.

Founded in 2014, Yoti provides tools that businesses can integrate into their website, app or platform to verify the identity of users. This can be used for processes such as online age checks and its technology is used by the likes of the Co-Op, the Post Office and the NHS.

Earlier this year, Yoti looked to raise outside funding for the first time having previously bootstrapped and drawn upon more than £110m provided by its founders and employees.

In this week’s Founder in Five Q&A, Tombs explains the perils of raising too much external funding early, reveals why he’s excited about AI in the medical industry and shares his views on outspoken founders on social media....