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Streetbees’ Tugce Bulut on fundraising, support networks and industry challenges


I caught up with Tugce Bulut, co-founder of Streetbees, to get a general update on how the business is doing.

During the interview, Bulut also spoke about some of the business challenges she’s encountered to date, the value of engaging with established VCs early on and the successful completion of a Series A round.

What were you doing before Streetbees and how did the idea for the business come about?

Before I started Streetbees in 2015 I was a strategy consultant, focusing on consumer and technology companies and helping them grow. Previously, I was an academic researcher focusing on poverty alleviation in developing countries.

Streetbees brings both of those aspects together, as I realised that the reason we can’t break the poverty cycle worldwide is because not enough international businesses are investing in developing markets. Why? Because they can’t see what’s happening in them....