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Phlo Connect founder: break out of network bubbles when hiring – Fi5

Phlo Connect founder

Nadeem Sarwar is the founder and CEO of Phlo Connect, a pharmacy tech infrastructure platform that bridges the gaps in digital healthcare for clinicians and patients.

Founded in 2019, Phlo Connect’s technology integrates with healthcare providers such as Babylon and HealthHero to offer services including digital prescriptions and live patient updates.

In 2014, Sarwar joined the Entrepreneurial Scotland Saltire Fellowship programme after leaving a career in relationship banking. His time on the programme inspired him to found Phlo Connect, which has since grown into a 50+ strong team based across Glasgow and London.

Sarwar has also been the chairman of the Glasgow Junior Chamber of Commerce and the director of the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce.

In this week’s Founder in Five Q&A, Sarwar explains why companies should practice what they preach to promote diversity, outlines why there’s still a misunderstanding around healthtech and recalls throwing himself out of a plane at 3000ft....