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Monumo founder: ‘Prove yourself in one market and scale from there’

Monumo founder

Dominic Vergine is the CEO and founder of Monumo, a startup that is using AI to redesign the electric motor.

Founded in 2021, Monumo this week came out of stealth backed by £10.5m in seed funding.

The deeptech startup’s machine learning tools can run millions of simulations per day to test alternative designs of the motor.

The Cambridge and Coventry-based firm says it has signed NDAs with “numerous tier-one engineering companies and original equipment manufacturers”.

Vergine is a former VP of sustainability at Cambridge chip firm Arm. In this week’s Founder in Five Q&A, he explains why the focus of generative AI should shift from “mimicking” human abilities, shares how studying English literature has helped his career in tech, and reveals why he’s excited by advances in battery technology....