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Meet Flux, winner of ‘Best Pitch’ at UKTN’s Elevator Pitch 2017

Flux Founders 1

I caught up with the team at Flux, winner of ‘Best Pitch‘ at UKTN‘s hotly contested Elevator Pitch LIVE 2017.

FinTech startup Flux, which digitises receipts and loyalty cards, recently partnered with Barclays and raised a $1.5m round from PROfounders, Anthemis, Force Over Mass and business angels.

Here’s what they had to say.

Q: How did the idea for Flux come about and why?

We met at another high-growth FinTech where we were part of the founding team that built a new payments startup from scratch. It was inspirational to be part of the team that created something from nothing. It struck us one day how insane it is that we can go from using 21st contactless cards connected to this entirely new system we built to 100 BC paper receipts. After a bit of digging it became obvious that the root of that problem exists because there is no scalable link between the payment and the exact items. So, we built that link....