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Meet Energym, the Birmingham startup turning your spin class into electricity

Image credit: Energym

On New Year’s Eve 2017, Will Flint saw a woman being attacked in the street. Flint raced over to help and was stabbed 12 times by her assailant.

The woman escaped, but Flint was left “fighting for his life” and underwent four hours of surgery.

“It’s not the best way to start a year. But those kind of moments, they teach you a lot. It realigned my focus. I kind of did a big reflection piece,” Flint told UKTN.

This introspection saw Flint hit the gym and travel to places such as Australia, Bali and Vietnam. It was during this trip that Flint witnessed the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef first-hand.

Seeing this ecological disaster left a lasting impression on Flint and provided the inspiration for Energym, a Birmingham-based startup that has created an indoor fitness bike that converts human power into electricity....