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Founder in 5: M3ter CEO on shipping product too early and launching mid-pandemic

m3ter founder Griff Parry
m3ter founder Griff Parry

Griff Parry is the co-founder and CEO of M3ter, a startup providing a usage-based subscription service for software products.

Founded by Parry and John Griffin in late 2020, the London-based startup has created the technical infrastructure for software businesses to calculate their data usage and provide a cost breakdown via a dashboard.

In February, M3ter raised £13m to come out of stealth mode. It already counts the likes of Paddle, Sift, Stedi and Redcentric among its customers.

In this week’s Founder in Five Q&A, Parry talks about the perils of shipping a product to partners too early, being pulled in “many different directions” as CEO of M3ter and being regularly confused with his co-founder.

1. What one thing do you wish you’d done differently when launching your company?

Griff Parry: We recruited our first customers as design partners to help shape our product. We didn’t work in private and have a ‘big reveal’ to them when we thought it was ready, we shared designs and progress openly from day one. We really enjoyed the dynamic process that catered to a real customer need....