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Founder in Five: Q&A with Learnerbly’s Rajeeb Dey

Learnerbly founder
Image credit: Learnerbly / UKTN

Rajeeb Dey is the founder and CEO of Learnerbly, a workplace learning marketplace for upskilling employees.

Dey, who received an MBE at the age of 30 for services to entrepreneurship, founded Learnerbly in 2016.

The edtech startup curates personal and professional development resources from over 250 suppliers in the form of e-learning, books, coaching, courses and more.

In December the London-based company secured $10m (£7.35m) in a Series A round, bringing its total funding to $12.1m.

In the latest in a weekly UKTN series called Founder in Five, Dey explains why founders should “always be raising”, reveals how Learnerbly tackles Zoom fatigue and shares his tips for improving diversity in the workplace.

1) What funding advice would you give to a first-time founder?

Rajeeb Dey: Always be raising. Start building up your network with investors – angels and VCs – early on in your journey. Investors like to develop a relationship with entrepreneurs before you actually need funding rather than being approached ‘cold’ at the point you’re raising....