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Black Space Technology CEO: ‘Prove tech works at the NHS, but don’t think of it as a customer’

Black Space Technology
Image credit: Black Space Technology

When David Morgan wrote to NHS Digital Health during the pandemic to offer his company’s telehealth solutions, he says he was “politely shown the door”.

According to the CEO of Black Space Technology, a Birmingham-based company building health software durable enough for the battlefield, the government should have embraced more technology to tackle Covid-19.

“In my mind, this was an absolute scandal that could have been predicted. Hundreds and thousands of patients could have been looked after much better by the use of technology,” Morgan tells UKTN.

“I think the government failed dismally in its use of technology when they knew that there were companies out there that had mature robust technology.”

Morgan founded Black Space Technology in 2018 after selling his previous company, Safe Patient Systems, for an undisclosed sum....