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Forget Bitcoin: Why gold is better than cryptocurrency when it comes to investment

Sylvia Carrasco, founder and CEO of Goldex, explains the ongoing debate dividing the investment community about whether to buy cryptocurrency instead of gold.  

The conversation really heated up last year when the value of Bitcoin equalled the price of an ounce of gold and then surpassed its value by a long shot. By December 2017, Bitcoin had reached $17,900.

Some analysts concluded that the definitive moment had arrived and gold would be knocked off its perch by the new, modern and more profitable and headline grabbing Bitcoin superstar.

Investors are still attracted to the allure and excitement of cryptocurrencies, but the fact remains that gold is still a dominant force to be reckoned with. Forget the sensational headlines behind Bitcoin and its soaring value. Gold is here to stay – and the global investment cognoscenti know it too. ...