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Foodvisor launches in the UK

Foodvisor, the app that revolutionises nutrition with artificial intelligence, has launched in the UK.

Foodvisor is a nutrition application that helps people eat better thanks to A.I. From the simple picture of your plate, the app provides a nutritional report, as well as personalised advice from nutritionists.

It launched in France in 2018 and, after helping 1 million French people adopt a healthier lifestyle, Foodvisor is officially launching in the UK in January 2019 with the mission of revolutionising nutrition coaching.

The company says that, simple, fast and fun to use, the app helps people keep track of their eating habits so they can learn what food items are especially good for them. With this key information, they are able to adopt healthier eating habits and achieve their individual health and wellness goals.

“Our unique technology and the advice of our dietitians have already helped 1 million people to eat better,” said Charles Boes, CEO of Foodvisor.

“We want to help more people eat better and live healthier, that’s why we are expanding to the UK where nutrition apps are very popular but they all require manual logging. With Foodvisor, it’s easy, fast and fun to track your diet plus you receive personalised advice from our dietitians.”

The Foodvisor team has developed proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms which enable them to identify over 1000 different food items, estimate serving sizes, and provide a detailed report on nutritional content.

The algorithm is able to integrate new food items into its database for future recognition, allowing it to improve with each new image.

Foodvisor’s algorithms also learn from each user’s personal habits to become even more accurate and personal.

For the launch in the UK, local products barcodes will be integrated into Foodvisor’s database and the algorithms are being trained to recognize specific British foods.

In addition to the basic features, a Premium version is available on iOS and will soon be available on Android. For a monthly subscription of £4.99 to £8.99, users can benefit from personalised coaching and nutritional advice.