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Rekoo becomes first Chinese firm to expand to Tech City

Following Boris Johnson and Chancellor George Osborne’s visit to China, there’s been even more good news for the tech trade between the world’s second biggest economy and Britain.

Asian mobile gaming giant Rekoo have announced their new office in London’s Tech City.


It’s the first Mainland Chinese tech firm to invest and move into the area.

London is the largest place for investment from China outside Asia, and equated to $4 billion in 2012 – a rise of 80% since 2011.

Over 20 millions users

Rekoo have 20 million active PC gamers and 10 million smartphone users.

They currently have over 500 employees throughout Asia and hope to bring in 10 employees to the London bureau, which will grow to 25 in three years.


One of the gaming giants biggest successes include ‘Find Something’ which has been played by 100 million gamers.

Bridging the gap

Commenting on the news, Lisa Pan, Vice President of Rekoo, said:

“Companies in the UK produce very high quality games, and being in London means we can attract world-class talent and find new business opportunities with UK and European developers.”

This announcement comes after a string of government attempts to build relations with expanding economies.

Last February, UKTI took 16 of Britain’s strongest startups to Bangalore, India for a trade mission. 

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