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Felix Capital Partners raises $150m to invest in European tech

Felix Capital Partners, a London-based VC firm, which has invested in some of the UK’s most well-funded tech firms such as Deliveroo and Farfetch, has raised $150m (£115m).

According to Bloomberg, the fund will use the money to boost European and US technology startups.

Frédéric Court, the founder, told the publication that the fund had been oversubscribed by more than $200m and noted that the UK’s impending departure from the European Union had not negatively impacted the fundraising.

Court added that he’d focused on offers from institutional investors and highlighted he’s looking to invest in early-stage startups that look to capitalise on the growth of digital brands. He did, however, decline to disclose the name of the backers.

“Customers are attracted to brands that resonate online – that’s the secular trend we’re eyeing, as well as anything related to well-being and technology helping you be happier or more fit.” Court said.

Felix Capital Partners is open to investing up to $10m or more, although it will typically seek to contribute $2m to $5m per round, the founder noted.

Speaking about the state of the global technology sector, Court said he doesn’t think the likes of Amazon were overvalued given their long-term prospects.

“If I were to disappear for 10 years, I’d rather buy Amazon stock before I go than leave my money in the bank,” Court claimed.

“There’s still momentum for disruptive companies. We’re not over-worried about valuations.”