Facebook, Salesforce and Oxfam to judge #TechforGood NT100

Facebook, Salesforce and Oxfam are joined by Telefonica and Comic Relief as judges for the Nominet Trust‘s NT100 hunt for the world’s best tech for good projects.
Rishi Saha, head of public policy at Facebook UK, said: “The NT100 celebrates the achievements of people who are making a positive social impact through technology. We are proud to support this initiative and we look forward to selecting some of the best from this inspiring group.
Previous London-based winners include Flowy, which offers mobile games and puzzles designed to ease panic attacks, Pavegen, the paving slab which converts the kinetic energy into electricity, BuffaloGrid, offering a solar-powered network of pay-as-you-go phone charging hubs in developing countries, and Open Utility, the peer-to-peer renewable energy marketplace.
Public nominations close on 30 September with the final list unveiled in December. Nominate here.