Exponential‐e, the British cloud, network, and unified communications provider, has announced the latest phase of its Software Defined Digital Platform (SD-DP). The SD-DP is an integrated platform designed to underpin any organisation’s digital transformation.

Through its SD-DP, Exponential-e advises customers on all technology needs and requirements to deliver underlay infrastructure while taking care of legacy IT systems. These needs range from Hybrid Cloud and Hyper Converged Infrastructure, Software-Defined Networks and Data Centres, Citrix Cloud and VDI solutions, to GPU Cloud servers.

The SD-DP is comprised of core and edge computing, designed to form a robust, underlying advanced network that enables data to flow freely yet securely between multiple clouds. Combined with multi-various tools and services, Exponential-e said these components form an intelligent, agile, safe, and cost-effective digital transformation stack for all modern organisations.

Lee Wade, CEO & founder of Exponential-e, said: “With this evolution of our SD-DP, Exponential-e customers have the assurance and confidence that their digital transformation (DX) partner has the full range of professional services and capabilities to help them on their DX journey.

“Our most recent technological development for the SD-DP is our Cloud Management Platform (CMP). This allows our customers to manage their data and cost bases of multiple cloud platforms through a single pane of glass.

“As organisations seek to access more bandwidth‐hungry services alongside technologies demanding more computing power – such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality (VR / AR / MR) – customers increasingly need access to real‐time cloud performance, safe in the knowledge that cost-control, security and compliance standards are being met.”

Exponential-e has more than 60 customers utilising the SD-DP in legal, financial services, media, retail, construction, housing, public sector, charities, and more.

Mukesh Bavisi, managing director at Exponential-e, added: “Exponential-e strives to be visionary, constantly evolving and innovating in order to deliver the very best experience to its customers. By bonding together cloud, networking, and security into the SD-DP, each component completely relies on the other to work effectively. For enterprises, this is exactly the systematic, integrated, and bundled approach needed to stay competitive and continue growing.”