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EXCLUSIVE: London startup Vida gets over £1m in Seed funding to boost UK expansion

Devika Wood headshot

Vida, a platform which enables users to find carers for themselves and their loved ones, has raised over £1m in Seed funding in a round led by Hambro Perks.

The company also drew support from investors including Barnaby Cardwell, of Cardwell Technologies, Grima Ventures and a series of undisclosed high-net worth angel investors.

Based in London, the firm is the brainchild of Naushard Jabir, co-founder and CEO.

“This funding allows us to continue developing and deploying the ground-breaking technology that makes Vida so unique,” Jabir said, adding: “Now that our unique matching algorithm is fully functioning, it means were are seeing many successful matches all over London and now we’re excited to expand to East and West Sussex.”

The funds, which bring the company’s total to £1.4m, will be used to continue developing Vida’s technology platform.

Devika Wood, co-founder and chief medical officer of Vida, and whose personal experience of caring for her grandmother as a young child inspired the company’s mission, commented on Vida’s expansion plans: “Our expansion into markets outside of London shows that a service such as Vida is desperately needed across the UK.

“Our clients and carers tell us that the technology we employ provides them the peace of mind they so crave. We’re so proud of the whole team seeing how far we’ve come,” she added.

Dominic Perks, founding partner and CEO at Hambro Perks, also commented on his firm’s decision to participate in Vida’s funding round.

“We’ve been working with Vida for some time now and have seen the company grow from strength to strength. Our investment will enable them continue to secure partnerships with local councils, helping the elderly and to repair the care crisis in the local community,” Perks concluded.