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“Exceptional” demand for Apple Pay from UK startups

Apple Pay’s contactless and in-app mobile payments are on their way to Blighty with UK startups top of the list to take advantage.

London-based curated hotel booking platform Top10 says it will be among the first to integrate one-click app payments when the service goes live in July.

Harry Jones, chief product officer at Top10, said: “Speed has always been a major priority for Top10, and Apple Pay allows us to achieve our vision of offering the fastest, most convenient, and secure and private, way to book a hotel.”

Stripe, one of Apple’s payment partners in the UK and itself a startup founded back in 2011, says it has already received “exceptional” demand for the mobile payments service.

James Allgrove, head of UK business development at Stripe, explained: “Demand from UK startups to start integrating Apple Pay on Stripe has been exceptional. Already, we’re delighted to be helping London startups such as Lyst, Bloom & Wild and to integrate Apple Pay and accept one-touch mobile payments.”

Stripe powers payments for UK apps including Songkick, Taskrabbit and Handy, which all have “high mobile conversion rates already” Allgrove said, but he believes Apple Pay will further reduce payment friction and also help businesses scale in our “mobile-centric” economy.

“Mobile is the biggest platform shift that has ever happened, instigating a dramatic change in how businesses operate and what a payments platform really needs to be. Stripe is at the forefront of this and has seen a ten-fold increase in mobile commerce on our platform globally in the past year.

“Stripe was the only partner not directly affiliated with a financial institution to be an official launch partner for the Apple Pay’s US launch. After the launch, more than half of the Apple Pay-enabled apps featured in the App Store ran on Stripe,” he added.

Apple says 250,00 locations, including the London Underground, will go live with Apple Pay starting in July,  thanks to partnerships with Stripe, eight UK banks, plus credit and debit card providers.