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Employee engagement startup Perkbox gets £2.5m from Draper Esprit


Perkbox, an employee rewards platform, has received £2.5m from European venture capital firm Draper Esprit.

The Perkbox platform works as an employee engagement tool, whereby managers can reward their teams or individual employees on their work performance. Rewards can be anything from a bottle of champagne to a holiday, and the firm also offers team perks such as deals at restaurants, gyms and cinemas.

Saurav Chopra, co-founder and CEO of Perkbox, commented: “In creating lower staff turnovers and higher staff happiness, we encourage companies to view the perks and benefits scheme as an investment for future returns.

“Perkbox is about democratisation and raising capital through the community; this is our approach to democratising funding for high-growth startups for all,” he added.

Based in London, the firm says it will use the money to scale and expand the business outside of the UK, transforming workplaces in the US and Europe.

This funding follows an original £350,000 Seed investment from Alex Chesterman and Sherry Coutu in 2011.