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Edspace edtech hub opens new HQ at Hackney College

Edtech innovation hub Edspace has unveiled a new HQ at Hackney Community College, opening up the opportunity to “work with thousands of students to beta test their products and services”.

The 150-desk workspace is a refurbished part of the campus, accessed on Hoxton Street in Shoreditch, which the college is letting out in order to help it combat Further Education funding cuts.

Ian Ashman, principal of Hackney Community College, said: “The college welcomes this opportunity to diversify its income to help to counterbalance the cuts in Government funding, allowing us to protect some courses that might otherwise have to close.

“Edspace presents a perfect synergy with our college’s vision to provide opportunity to the local community. As well as supporting local companies to develop and thrive, this relationship gives our students valuable exposure to tech companies and the entrepreneur ethos, which are both so important in their preparation for successful careers.”

The hub has meeting room facilities, events space and a broadcast studio. Edspace members will also offer at least one day’s mentoring per year to students, as well potential apprenticeships and work experience.

James O’Shaughnessy, one of the founders of Edspace and MD of free school group Floreat Education, said: “I started Edspace for the simple reason that there was no single place for education entrepreneurs to work together in London.

“There is a growing movement of people who are dedicated to transforming education – whether it’s through edtech, social enterprise, free schools or whatever – and the power of that movement will be amplified many times over if we join forces and work together. That’s what Edspace is all about.”

Photo: Copyright Matt Writtle 2013