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Tech becomes one of Britain’s most bullish sectors

There have been even more positive messages coming out of Britain’s tech sector, with Barclays finding 71% of tech companies will increase wages in 2014.

Tech outperforming other sectors

Barclays Employers Survey questioned nearly 700 businesses across different sectors.

Tech was ranked as one of the most confident, beaten only by telecoms (77%) and travel (72%), the tech sector was also positive about Britain’s economic outlook, with 78% of respondents saying they felt more confident than the same time last year.

Rise of flexible working

The tech sector also appears to be leading the way forward with flexible working.

74% of tech firms said they’re more open to employees working from home than they were five years ago, and 66% said they are now more open to employees having flexitime.

Apprenticeships are continuing to grow in popularity, with 40% of tech firms saying they plan to take them on in 2014.

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Sam Kemp, Corporate Director, Technology, Media and Telecoms (TMT) team, Barclays praised the positive sentiment from the tech sector :

“Many technology companies are thriving, with ambitious growth plans and we continue to see this sector as central to the recovery and growth of UK PLC.”