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DWEN conference comes to a close in Austin

Austin, Texas is buzzing. Leading women from around the world gathered here for Dell’s annual Women’s Entrepreneur Network conference which ended on Tuesday.

Following our special report on women in tech in our last print magazine, Tech City news has been in attendance. Sucessful women have talked about their unique challenges in starting up their businesses and how they have overcome them.

So far, events have included a QnA with Michael and Susan Dell, panel discussions on big data and breakout discussions on subjects such as storytelling and security.

More will be happening today and we’ve got our ears to the ground to keep you up to date.

Screen shot 2014-06-03 at 06.11.07

Michael and Susan Dell made their first ever public appearance together to talk about their philanthropic work, helping children in some of the worlds poorest countries, lift themselves out of a cycle of poverty through education.

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Dell’s Chief of Marketing, Karen Quintos kickstarted events on Sunday evening.

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Anasuya Gupta catches up with Ahu Serter before sitting on a joint panel discussion.

Screen shot 2014-06-03 at 06.17.59

Dermalogica explained how their business became a success and gave each person a bag of samples.

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London’s own Karoline Gross, founder of Smartzer, which creates ‘shopable videos’ was in attendance.

After a long day of conferences, talks and events, the fun began – Texas style!

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On Tuesday, attendees of DWEN wrote down their most defining moments, to share and inspire.

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Photos courtesy of Dell