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Duedil offers up financial data from 20 new countries

Developers can now access financial and director data on companies across Europe through Duedil’s API

Duedil the London-based business information platform will make data on companies in 20 new countries available to businesses and developers through the Duedil API from today.

The expanded service includes France, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland in addition to their existing service covering the UK. The announcement comes after Duedil’s recent $5m series A funding round, led by Notion Capital.

Duedil’s Louise Deason at Silicon Milkroundabout jobs fair

London’s hottest “unsexy tech” startup?

Tech City News’ Editor Alex Wood recently chaired a panel with Duedil’s Louise Deason at Silicon Milkroundabout where the company was referred to as one of many “unsexy” yet exciting B2B startups based in London.

Duedil’s team will also be one of the first new tenants at the Warner Yard co-working space in Clerkenwell.

The expanded offering also coincides with the release of a new developer portal with enhanced services for partners and developers.

Duedil’s API gives developers immediate access to up to 20 years of business, accounting and director information on private companies registered across the UK and Europe.

Information available includes financial accounts, industry profile, location details, employee numbers, credit ratings, directorships, corporate group structures and more.

“The Duedil API presents us with the opportunity to begin opening the doors to more of our data, lowering the barrier to entry for entrepreneurs and developers to integrate this valuable data directly into their businesses and applications, as well as driving the creation of new products and services.” said Damian Kimmelman, Duedil’s CEO.