companies house

If you are planning on registering a company with Companies House you should know that United Nations (UN) sanctions have led to extra checks on applications so you may encounter delays.

The UN imposes financial sanctions on individuals and corporate bodies because of the nature of their activities, such as genocide and terrorism. New rules mean the UN has started searching for these ‘designated persons’ (DPs) within corporate structures hence the delays.

From Wednesday 12 December 2018, Companies House will check all applications to register:

  • UK companies (private, public, limited, unlimited, limited by shares, limited by guarantee);
  • European companies, known as societas Europaea (SEs);
  • limited liability partnerships; and
  • Scottish limited partnerships.

It will also check the details of proposed directors, secretaries, members and people with significant control for any matches to a DP, looking at:

  • the person’s full name;
  • address information;
  • date of birth;
  • nationality and occupation; and
  • the main activities of the company (from the accounts or SIC code).

If it believes these details sufficiently match a DP, Companies House will reject your application and tell you why. You’ll have the option to resubmit your application with evidence that the person is not a DP.

Companies House suggested the type of information that might support your case should this happen could include:

  • personal details on their passport;
  • driver’s licence;
  • birth certificate or other similar information;
  • proof of their residential address (such as a utility bill, freehold or leasehold document) and how long they’ve lived there;
  • proof of how long they’ve lived in a particular place; and/or
  • any other personal information you want Companies House to consider.