DAD gets £2m in seed funding to help with home repairs

DAD funding

Home repair service DAD has raised £2m in seed funding from HomeServe, its strategic partner and lead investor.

The company, headquartered in London, will use the money to launch its video visiting app which will provide consumers with expert advice from DIY professionals.

Ben Wynn, founder and CEO at DAD,spoke about the raise: “My dad has always been my go-to person for practical advice around the home. The idea for DAD came a couple of years ago when I was trying to change a bathroom tap. Having swapped the old tap for a new one, I turned the water back on and instantly everything was soaked.

“My Dad was away travelling, enjoying his retirement, so I called him on FaceTime and he guided me through what to do. I realised that if I found myself in such a DIY disaster others would too, so I started DAD,” he explained.

Richard Harpin, Group CEO at HomeServe, said the investment in DAD was ‘a no brainer’, concluding: “DAD has excelled at building a robust network of experts making this a viable business model. This coupled with the strong DAD brand means this team is already leading from the front. As one of the businesses in this area it is important we keep our fingers on the pulse and explore business models and technology like this.”