CUBIQ FOODS secures EUR 12m investment by Moira Capital

Moira Capital Partners, the Spanish private equity boutique, has backed producer of healthy cell-based fats, CUBIQ FOODS, with an investment of 12 million Euros led by Javier Loizaga.

CUBIQ FOODS is a startup in Barcelona, founded by entrepreneurs Dr. Raquel Revilla and Andrés Montefeltro. The company uses cell culture to respond to the growing demand for healthy ingredients in the food sector. It follows a sustainable and scalable process with a low environmental impact that also bypasses any animal welfare concerns.

CUBIQ will develop cell-based fat of animal origin to enhance the flavour of food, to enrich it with essential fatty acids (omega-3) and to help reduce the use of other fats harmful to health, such as trans fats and palm oil.

CUBIQ FOODS has a proprietary system which allows it to produce designer-grown fat enriched by the healthiest omega-3 (DHA + EPA) to generate a high-quality, healthy, sustainable and natural-tasting food ingredient that is free of toxins, with a low environmental impact and no animal abuse.

CSO and co-founder of CUBIQ FOODS, Dr Raquel Revilla, said: “We are excited about the innovation that CUBIQ FOODS can bring to the food industry. Healthier fat, with enriched polyunsaturated fatty acids like omega-3 (EPA+DHA), has the potential to enhance bread and bakery, cookies, cakes, snacks, pizzas, processed foods (hamburgers, nuggets, etc.), plant-based meat, meat substitutes and infant formulas.”

Co-founder and CUBIQ FOODS CEO, Andrés Montefeltro, said: “We know that 1-3% will provide the minimum omega-3 level you need to support health. However, 5-10% will change or improve the flavour of food and provide an alternative to the current vegetable oil bases.”

CUBIQ FOODS expects to reach sales of 26 million euros in 2022.