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Co-working space provider TechHub expands to New York

Co-working space provider TechHub is expanding to New York.

TechHub already has spaces in London, Swansea, Riga, Bucharest and Bangalore and some of its members have been acquired by Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Oracle and Twitter.

Revolut, which recently said it was gearing up to launch in the US, and Aire are among the member companies taking space in the New York venue.

TechHub’s founder & global CEO Elizabeth Varley, commented on the news:: “We believe New York City is one of the most exciting tech markets in the world right now.

“TechHub wants to contribute to that growth and provide strong opportunities for tech startups from around the world to access the US via this thriving city. ”

“TechHub provides fast-growing companies with flexibility when it comes to landing in a new location and supports establishing a vital local network” said Revolut manager of international expansion Dan Westgarth.

“TechHub can really help us hit the ground running in a new city from day one.”

TechHub first opened its doors in London in 2010 with Google as a founding sponsor.

It was co-founded by Mike Butcher MBE.