Cloud-based QA startup Qase.io bags $500K seed funding to futurise software testing process


Software testing is a big part of the tech industry, which is quite apparent from its whooping USD 40 billion market size in 2019. And despite multiple tools being already available in the market for testing, the all-in-one test management solution provider startup Qase is making a name for itself. The company has raised $500,000 (approx £370,000) in its seed funding round and is now set to expand and further develop its offering. 

Fresh funds to fuel growth

The latest seed funding round for Qase was led by S16VC, with participation from FinSight Ventures and ExpoCapital. The freshly raised funds will enable the company to bolster its development and marketing team and also forge more partnerships in the US and Europe. In a conversation with UKTN, the company’s founder and CEO Nikita Fedorov reveals that they are planning on doubling the headcount of their current team of 10 people. 

“We love how users love Qase. It is a breakthrough product for the QA world that almost every software company needs. Happy to help the team to realize their vision,” says Alex Alpern, partner at S16VC fund. 

An all-in-one test management solution

Software testers know how difficult it can be to thoroughly test various aspects of a software, debug it, while keeping everyone in the loop. Qase claims to make this easier by delivering integrations with popular issue trackers like Asana, Github, Jira, Trello, and many others its subscription model.  The test management solution by the company is also touted to enable full observability of the software testing process.

“It stores information about existing tests, aggregates information about manual and automated test runs, and provides detailed analytics based on this data,” notes Fedorov. 

Qase was founded by Fedorov as he worked as a head of development and his task was to set up a software testing process. “I wanted to find a test management system that would fit my requirements: track both manual and automated tests in one place. All the solutions looked a little bit outdated and were focused on manual testing only,” Fedorov notes. After working on the idea for two years, he released the first version of Qase, which is said to have gained good traction almost immediately. 

Taking on the competition and the future

The software testing market is already flooded with numerous options to automate workflows and assist in testing. Setting oneself apart from the crowd isn’t an easy feat but Qase’s solution does it by following a product-led growth strategy. The startup offers unlimited read-only users for its clients, which is touted to help involve developers, product managers, and others in the software testing process. This can enable users to focus on product quality and invest heavily in integrations with popular software testing frameworks to save their clients time on integration.

As for the future of QA, Fedorov says that QA engineers should stop performing manual testing to focus more on exploratory testing and overall product quality. Since nothing is untouched by AI these days, he notes that the tech should be used for routine work, to replace manual testing with fast and efficient tests that are generated on the fly. “Developers should take care of the quality of their code, verify it with tests and track their performance,” Fedorov concludes.