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Cambridge-based VC unveils the deeptech startups it’s backing next

Miles Kirby Deeptech Labs
Image credits: Deeptech Labs

From using computer vision to broadcast a concert into a game to machine learning tools for analysing orchards, Cambridge-based post-seed accelerator Deeptech Labs has announced its autumn deeptech startup cohort.

The VC fund and accelerator programme was founded in 2020 by British semiconductor designer ARM, Cambridge Innovation Capital, Ewan Kirk, Martlet Capital and the University of Cambridge. It aims to support deeptech entrepreneurs in their journey from prototype and proof of concept stage to offering scalable products and services. The VC also connects startups to its network of deeptech investors.

Deeptech Labs will formally unveil its latest cohort at its demo day on Wednesday. It will see six deeptech early-stage startups present their offerings to an online audience of investors. This comes after the company announced its first cohort of deeptech startups in June 2021

Out of the six companies, two are alumni companies: Autofill and Circuit Mind. The remaining four deeptech startups are: Condense Reality, Outfield Technologies, RoboK, and Salience Labs.

Deeptech Labs will be investing in its cohorts via a £50m investment fund. The VC said that since it launched its first fund it has invested in deeptech companies consisting of 60% black and multi-ethnic founders, and 40% female founders. 

Here are the latest startups that Deeptech Labs is backing, what they specialise in, where they’re based and who the founders are. 

Circuit Mind

Founder: Tomide Adesanmi

Founded: 2018

Headquarters: London, UK

Circuit Mind’s platform uses AI to enable electronic engineering teams to automatically generate and redesign their component selection. It also lets them maintain and optimise it. They can use schematics and layouts, with the company claiming this results in fewer errors. 


Founder: Gideon Richheimer

Founded: 2020

Headquarters: Wassenaar, South Holland

Autofill is working on a real-time market validated dataset for quality inspections, anomaly detection, structural integrity analysis and predictive maintenance for the automotive and rail industry. While based out of Holland, the company is setting up a presence in the UK and its founder, Gideon Richheimer, studied at the University of Cambridge. 

Condense Reality

Founders: Nick Fellingham, Oliver Feroze and Dan Fairs

Founded: 2019

Headquarters: Bristol, UK

Video games is a big industry and in-game events can help boost a company’s reach. Condense Reality uses computer vision and machine learning to live broadcast volumetric video into game engines. With this partners in sport, entertainment or even lifestyle can hold live concerts and sporting events inside any game, VR or AR application. 

Outfield Technologies

Founder: Oli Hilbourne

Founded: 2016

Headquarters: Cambridge, UK

The startup focuses on sustainable development for orchards. It uses machine learning and drone systems to survey orchards and gather high-resolution images. These images are then analysed, which could help growers be more productive, sustainable and profitable. 


Founders: Hao Zheng and Liangchuan Gu

Founded: 2019

Headquarters: Cambridge, UK 

RoboK is working on an AI-based 3D computer vision algorithm, which is said to be optimised for low-power computing platforms. As per the company, it could be used in vehicles, cameras and low-power compute platforms. It offers detection and edge tracking, depth estimate, localisation and more. 

Salience Labs

Founder: Vaysh Kewada

Founded: 2020

Location: Oxford, UK

Salience Labs has most of its work under wraps for now. However, we do know that the startup is developing a “next-generation” computer chip for AI applications. The startup uses photonics (light) on a chip, which is said to gain a significant boost in performance over silicon chips.