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Cambridge-based e-scooter startup Superpedestrian launches in 9 cities across Europe


A new age of sustainable transportation is rapidly expanding and bringing an incremental change to the economy. Micro-mobility startups have taken such initiative to bring carbon-free, economically viable and sustainable transport. 

World’s safest and smartest e-scooter

A leading micro-mobility engineering and technology company from Cambridge, dubbed Superpedestrian has now launched its services in nine new locations across Europe in just three months and is all set to cater to the residents in more than 30 European cities by the end of 2021. The newly added nine cities include Austria, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Palermo, Vienna, Stockholm, Lisbon and also there are Spanish towns who have the services now.

100K miles of emission-free travel every day

After entering the European region in Rome in September 2020, Superpedestrian launched shared fleets of its LINK scooter to Madrid and Alcalá de Henares by the end of the year.

The prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) born out company back on track with a series of additional city partnerships as a further expansion strategy, with new cities added in Austria, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.

The company begins operating its intelligent shared e-scooters fleet in September 2020. In just one year since its launch on the continent, the company will be serving intelligent e-scooters in more than 24 European cities. It enables them with 100,000 miles of carbon emission-free travel every day.

Superpedestrian Vice President EMEA, Haya Douidri: “This achievement is confirmation that Superpedestrian’s shared e-scooters are now really taking off in Europe. Adding nine locations in just a few weeks, with a further seven to come by the end of June, and serving 24 European cities less than one year after entering the market, are tremendous achievements. It’s proof that our market-leading safe and smart e-scooters, with their robust design and advanced self-diagnostic and self-protection technologies, are ideally suited to Europe’s cities, riders and pedestrians.”

In March alone, Superpedestrian e-scooters began operating in three new cities including Aprilia and Turin in Italy and Malaga in Spain. Continuing expansion, Palermo joined in early April and Vienna later that month became Superpedestrian’s 30th fleet of shared e-scooters globally.

Further, the company recently launched its services in Stockholm, Lisbon and several Spanish towns. Seven new locations are due in Italy before the end of June.

With the expansion of European operations, Superpedestrian is establishing a team of operations managers and most of them local hires. The company is also setting up a network of local businesses for fleet management support. The experienced team includes Mario Martin, Regional Operations Manager for Spain, who until recently was CEO at micro-mobility firm UFO.

VIS – a breakthrough technology in scooter safety

The company’s success is because of its powerful e-scooter – LINK. It took eight years of AI development and two years of chassis, powertrain design and validation. The end result is the world’s smartest and safest e-scooter, featuring the technology breakthrough Vehicle Intelligent Safety System (VIS). Onboard software combines with five processors and 73 sensors, which allows VIS to detect the hazard and respond to it in milliseconds.

VIS is a remarkable step in scooter safety as the seat belt was for cars. It is capable of running 1,000 vehicle health checks every second, fine-tuning performance in real-time to prevent component failures and removing vehicles from service if it detects vandalism damage or anti-social behaviour. This pioneering technology underpins Superpedestrian’s impeccable record in safety (for riders and pedestrians) and superb city compliance.