Clue, a Bristol-based SaaS Investigation and Intelligence platform, secures £5M funding: Here’s why

Clue Image credits: Clue

Clue, a cloud-based investigation case management, and intelligence SaaS platform has secured £5 million funding from Frog Capital, an investor in European scale-up software. 

The funds will enable the Bristol-based company to support its international growth strategy and platform innovation to improve the outcome of specialist investigations. 

About Frog Capital

Based out of London, Frog Capital is a specialist software Scale-Up Investor in high-growth European software companies and software-enabled businesses at the Scale-Up stage. 

Mike Reid, at Frog Capital who joins Clue’s board, says: “Across the industries that Clue serves there’s a deep-rooted frustration at the lack of good enough tech to allow people to do their investigative work as efficiently and thoroughly as they need. For too long there’s been staggering underinvestment in how investigations are done, resulting in missed opportunities and slow outcomes for hardworking investigative teams and the people they serve. 

He adds, “Clue’s technology is genuinely delivering very significant clients a step-change in how they manage and resolve incredibly complex and sensitive investigation cases. With Frog’s investment and experienced team of operators, Clue can accelerate their incredibly positive organisational and, critically, social impact in the key fields of policing, child welfare, financial crime amongst many others.”

Why Clue?

To date, there has been massive underinvestment and a lack of innovation in how investigations are run. The idea that policemen still walk around jotting notes in small notebooks isn’t far off the mark.

The Bristol-based company brings together the intelligence, data, and evidence gathered during investigations to create better outcomes for victims of crime and corruption. 

Investigation and intelligence software

Founded by Clare Elford and Thomas Drohan, Clue is a cloud-based SaaS platform for managing investigations used by police, governments, the private, and others to help counter serious and organised crime, corruption, environmental, financial, and global threats.

Clue says that the demand for Clue has more than doubled over the last two years. 

Clue’s platform has expanded from policing and is used by any organisation investigating complex and sensitive crime or corruption cases – from cyber-crime and fraud to child protection, environmental crime, and cheating in sports.

Clare Elford, the CEO, says: “The world of intelligence and investigations is no longer constrained to policing, there is much wider application. Organisations are under growing scrutiny, finding themselves more susceptible to threats and with a much greater duty of care towards the vulnerable.

“Clue has productised decades of investigation expertise into a platform that empowers intelligence officers and investigation experts to achieve successful outcomes. So many of those dedicated to preventing harm and seeking justice have to deal with an overwhelming volume and complexity of data. Still reliant on legacy systems, or even spreadsheets, this is a sector primed for digital transformation.” 

Thomas Drohan, CCO, says: “With this investment, we will strengthen the capabilities of the platform with further AI and ML capability, automation, data insights, and business intelligence while continuing to support and build our user community. Frog has a formidable track record, with an impressive team who we are looking forward to working with to deploy the Scale-up Methodology and drive business growth and a solution to better serve the market.”

Clue’s new Chairman, Adam Hale, says: “’I first met Clare and Thomas just before the pandemic and was really impressed with what they had built and the magnitude of customer problem that Clue solves. Since then, working with the ScaleUp Group, they have raised value-added SaaS growth investment from Frog Capital. I have known Frog for many years and am delighted to become part of their portfolio. I’m also really excited to work with Nick Harber again. I studied Computer Science in Bristol in the 80s and love coming back to a city set to support high-growth organisations such as Clue.

“Now is the ‘end of the beginning’ for Clue and the start of the path to market leadership. From speaking to customers, I can hear how invaluable Clue is to them. There is so much opportunity and I’m thrilled to be part of it.”