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Boston Consulting opens UK arm to help corporates fight startups

Management consultancy Boston Consulting Group is opening a corporate incubator in London in a bid to help Fortune 500s stave off competition from startup disruptors.

BCG Digital Ventures, which started in the US in 2014, will be led in London by former Shazam chair Ajay Chowdhury, supported by Patrick Rouvillois, formerly global CMO of Carrefour.

Jeff Schumacher, founder and CEO of BCG Digital Ventures, said: “The fusion of entrepreneurial expertise with design and build capability, will help large established companies think and act at the same pace that startups do and we will help them transform themselves before out-side competitors challenge their markets.

“Too often good ideas can be lost or destroyed by corporate culture, so we have created a range of innovation and incubation options such as spotting emerging IP and building technologies before integrating and tailoring them into a host company, or sharing the venture risk up-front.”

The company says that over the next year it will be rapidly hiring world-class tech entrepreneurs in fintech, travel and logistics, ecommerce, connected health and media, presumably so they don’t create the next company that puts a Fortune 500 out of business.