Pawsome six-figure investment for BorrowMyDoggy


Online dog borrowing platform secures seed investment

Living in London can often mean giving things up and making sacrifices – sadly this often includes owning a dog.

But one London startup, that connects dog owners and wannabe hound hosts, has received its first round of seed funding.

BorrowMyDoggy does exactly what the name suggests, connecting individuals across the UK and Ireland who want to borrow a dog.

Borrowers help take care of dogs when the owners are busy either for walks, playdays, weekends or away on holiday.

It was founded by Rikke Rosenlund and Les Cochrane (pictured above) after Rikke moved to London and found she couldn’t own a dog herself.


Dan’s best friend

The six-figure funding has come from Buyagift’s Dan Mountain, JustGiving’s Chairman Jonathan Mckay, and Simon La Fosse from La Fosse Associates.

No exact amount for the investment has been disclosed but they have confirmed it’s no more than £350,000.

Commenting on the investment, Simon La Fosse said:

“There’s a strong social purpose. It seems to be genuinely making a difference to people’s lives….and the dogs love it too.”

Founder Rikke Rosenlund told Tech City News that the money would be used to expand the team and develop the website with additional functionalities.

Pairing the pack

The team at BorrowMyDoggy have also been selected as a SeedCamp investment company for 2013.

Ms Rosenlund, a self-confessed dog lover who started the company when she moved to London, said:

“There are over 8 million dogs in the UK alone and many dog owners need some extra help from time to time.”

“Our aim is to leave Pawprints of Happiness on the lives of people and dogs.”


Sniffing out a winner

The company already have thousands of users across the UK and Ireland.

Dog owners can set up a profile online of their dog for potential borrowers to view.

When a match is found, both parties meet up for a ‘Welcome Woof’ to see how either side get on.

The service does come at a price, a £49.99 annual subscription for dog owners and £24.99 for borrowers.