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BookingBug nabs $13.4m to boost its growth

Appointment and scheduling platform BookingBug has secured $13.4m (£9.58m) in Series C funding.

Investors in the round, which brings the startup’s total to $17.2m (£12.30m), included PeakSpan Capital and Downing Ventures.

The money will used to accelerate business growth – including a 30% increase in its enterprise customer base – and to build out its sales and marketing strategy, the company said.

“We have scaled this business at a time when retailers, banks and governments need new ways to impress their customers,” said Glenn Shoosmith, CEO, BookingBug.

“This new capital is a testament to the momentum our team has created across product, customers and service. While many have written off brick-and-mortar closings as an inevitable development, our customers have realized that consumers still want to spend time in-store, they just need added value services as part of the experience,” he added.

Brian Mulvey, co-founder and managing partner at PeakSpan Capital, explained why he backed the company.

“BookingBug is pioneering a new omnichannel category for organizations seeking to engage with customers through personalized scheduling experiences.

“BookingBug is experiencing strong momentum by occupying arguably the highest-value and highest-intent segment of the customer journey – namely, when a customer proactively wants to spend their valuable time and engage with an actual person.

“We particularly admire BookingBug’s pace of customer adoption both within and across verticals, such as retail, financial services and public sector, as well as globally, most notably in North America, where BookingBug has seen immediate success.”

James Lewis, director at Downing Ventures, said he was excited to be getting involved with Glenn and his team.

“We look forward to supporting this growth stage software provider and helping the company build on its position as a technology leader in the market.”