StaffCircle raises £670k from Blackfinch

Blackfinch has invested £670k with additional investment from Mercia Asset Management into Leicester-based company StaffCircle, founded in 2017.

StaffCircle is a communications, performance and culture platform that enables companies to manage employees across many locations.

With the recent development of many people in the UK working from home due to the coronavirus outbreak, StaffCircle offers a viable solution. Aimed at medium to large organisations, its cloud-based software provides business owners and management with a streamlined approach to employee communication, ensuring performance and feedback can be achieved remotely.

Richard Cook, CEO and Founder at Blackfinch, said: “StaffCircle clearly has tremendous potential and we’re delighted to be backing it at such an early stage.”

StaffCircle gives companies the ability to connect digitally with every worker, as well as drive better performance through objectives and appraisal management. Its platform makes for easy access to training, ideas, tasks and company directories. These can be delivered to staff on a smartphone, tablet or PC.

In using StaffCircle, businesses have an efficient, collaborative and transparent way of managing employees and monitoring productivity. These core qualities, along with the ability to carry out tasks such as setting key performance indicators, booking annual leave, creating personal development plans and instant alerts, provides employers with a 360-view of staff.

CEO of StaffCircle, Mark Seeman, explains: “The mission for StaffCircle is simple – to capture collaboration between staff at all levels. Quite often, businesses grow and communication breaks down. It’s exactly what happened to me over the years and that’s how StaffCircle was created. This platform is about interacting with staff and at a time like this, it’s also about maintaining communication.

“We are excited to be working with the Blackfinch team, who recognise the platform’s potential, particularly in the current environment. With their support we can capitalise on growth opportunities in the market by delivering an even wider range of services.”

The investment from Blackfinch will enable StaffCircle to continue to develop platform features and expand its offering to customers with a robust 2020/21 product roadmap.