Bath navigations startup gets £750K to develop digital maps for busy buildings & underground areas

Living Map Image credits: Living Map

A Bath-based navigation startup – Living Map – a new technology that enables people to use their mobile phones to guide them through airports, hospitals and other indoor spaces has secured a £750,000 loan to track its development quickly.

The loan comes from the government agency Innovate UK. It will let Living Map further develop the software to be integrated quickly and easily at multiple sites with different mobile devices and applications.

Develops location, map-based digital tools

Further, Living Map is backed by investors including Mercia Asset Management and Committed Capital. The company has produced systems for venues such as Canary Wharf and New York’s MET Museum. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it also helped key workers to navigate the RUH Bath Hospital and city centre.

Its new Live Positioning platform was originally developed with the help of Innovate UK grants, and is believed to be the only one of its type that can provide accurate positioning and navigation inside buildings in the absence of a GPS signal without the need for expensive hardware.

Further, the new platform will mean software developers from any organisation will be able to rapidly incorporate the technology in their own apps – whether to help people find their way around indoor spaces or to track assets, such as components in a car plant or high-value equipment in a hospital.

Dominic Hazlehurst, Living Map’s CEO, said: “Digital maps have become part of everyday life for many but using them indoors still poses problems, given the lack of reliable positioning. Our platform overcomes this, providing a better experience for vistors to any large complex spaces, whilst enabling better decisions by operators. This loan will further help us to fast track its development and open up global opportunities for Living Map.”

Julian Dennard of Mercia added: “Living Map has managed what even the big corporations have not yet done in making this type of technology work seamlessly both inside and out. The new live positioning system will take digital maps to the next level and will be a game-changer for the business.” Mercia has backed Living Map since 2018.

In addition, Living Map’s new software overcomes the difficulty of using digital maps inside large buildings, underground areas or other locations where GPS signals don’t work. The technology has already been successfully deployed by Singapore Airlines to guide passengers through Heathrow Airport to make flight connections. Further, it will be soon available for other airports and airlines as part of its recently announced partnership with airline consortium Star Alliance.