MWR InfoSecurity, a research-led cybersecurity consultancy firm from Basingstoke, has raised £3m in funding from Environmental Technologies Fund.

Speaking about the raise, MWR CEO, Ian Shaw, said the newly procured funds would allow the company to expand globally and invest in research.

He continued: “In a rapidly changing technology landscape, innovation is essential. Our ambition to push boundaries not only set us apart and keep us motivated, but ensures our technology and services remain relevant.

“Understanding not only how something works, but more importantly how it can be broken, gives us insight to the hackers’ mindset, so security defences can be improved to thwart their attacks,” said the CEO.

Founded in 2003, the firm now has seven offices in five different countries and first raised money from Environmental Technologies Fund in June 2014.

Rob Genieser, partner at Environmental Technologies Fund, said: “We are very excited to see the strong progress of MWR, which has grown to be a global leader since our initial investment.

“We are particularly encouraged by their efforts to build out solutions that address the needs of the green economy, securing vital assets in electricity generation, storage and distribution, mass transit and connected cars,” he concluded.

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