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Another Clubhouse is here! Spotify launches Greenrooms on iOS and Android

Image credit: Spotify

Most of us have been stuck inside our homes for more than a year now! We are socializing online through various social media apps including the buzziest Clubhouse

The audio-based platform has been the talk of the town for quite some time now since Elon Musk’s entry. Back in January Elon Musk tweeted that he’d be on Clubhouse for a chat, and the rest is history. 

The app also boasts other famous tech personalities including Mark Zuckerberg, Justin Bieber, Drake, Oprah, and more. As of April, Clubhouse was valued at $4 billion. Recently, it became available on Android as well. 

This break-out success of Clubhouse has created a buzz around the live audio platform. Twitter launched Twitter Space, Reddit unveiled Reddit Talk, Facebook working on Live Audio Rooms, and now it is Spotify’s turn. 

Spotify launches Greenroom

Spotify has officially launched Greenroom, a live audio app on Android and iOS in 135 countries. Notably, the app is built on Locker Room, created by Betty Labs. Back in March, Spotify acquired Betty Labs to accelerate Spotify’s entry into the live audio space.

“We’re building Greenroom with the creators and artists in mind who make Spotify great, optimizing for interactivity and deep connections between participants in live rooms,” says Spotify in its official blog. 

Similar to Clubhouse, the app allows users to host live conversations on sports, music, culture, and more. “We’ll also bring exciting new programming to the platform spanning music, culture, and entertainment topics in addition to the sports content Locker Room have been known for,” says Spotify.  

Join with Spotify login

To join the app, users can sign up with their Spotify login. As a part of the onboarding experience, users will have to select their interests from a range of topics like music genres and sports teams.

The company is also announcing a Creator Fund which will help live audio creators monetize their work. Further, exclusive deals with creators are also in the works with announcements likely to come over the summer, says a report. 

“We believe Spotify has an opportunity not only to enable live broadcasts, but to aid discovery, drive consumption, and accelerate the growth of the live category overall.”