Andersen, the provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging units, has introduced an Alexa integrated voice control technology to its customisable home EV charger, the A2.

The voice control can be used by anyone that owns an Amazon product – Dot, Plus or Echo – which links to Andersen’s dedicated EV charger app Kønnect.

As soon as the device is set-up and connect to the EV charger, users can ask Alexa to charge the car and it does.

Setting up the voice control on the Andersen EV charger is simple. Users can enable their device by visiting the Amazon Alexa website and searching for “Andersen Kønnect”. As soon as the device is enabled, a login box to the Andersen Konnect app appears, requesting the user to enter login details and complete registration.

With 7kW and 22kW power options, the A2 can charge the majority of modern EVs to 80% in just 3 hours. It is also a future-ready product, able to connect to solar panels and power walls. The unit is also Wi-Fi compatible, allowing the user to control, monitor and manage the charge from a mobile or laptop.

David Simpson, Andersen’s technical director said: “EV home charging will become commonplace as we move towards the low-carbon future of electric motoring.

“By integrating voice control doesn’t just ensure we are in touch with today’s technology, it allows us to be a futureproof charging unit. We know that much of our daily life is now managed via our smartphones, we believe managing your EV’s charger should be no different.

“We built Kønnect to allow voice control because we wanted our customers to have safe control over their charge point and access to useful data but also to ensure it is convenient.”