Amazon to double UK workforce as it announces new Shoreditch building

Amazon will be bringing over 2500 to London with its newly announced Shoreditch office.

The company have been based in Slough since 1998 but will now move their operations headquarters to London after 16 years.

The plaza at Principal Place

Moving to London

The new building is situated just north of Liverpool Station. Amazon have announced they plan to move in by 2017.

The company will take up over two-thirds of the 600,000 sq ft building, known as Principal Place.

The move is part of a plan to move all office workers to London by next summer and will be seen as further validation of London’s (and Shoreditch’s) status as a thriving tech cluster.

Amazon’s UK operations currently employ 1,700 people outside of their distribution centres, which are mostly split between Slough and a new building in Farringdon, central London that opened last year.