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Artificial intelligence – fuelled by big data – and blockchain tech, are some of the technologies that could impact our world, according to Sarwant Singh, senior parter at Frost & Sullivan.

Speaking at the Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership (GIL Europe) conference, held in London today, Singh discussed mega trends in the technological world in an attempt to examine their implications on businesses and societies.

“I believe we are now entering the cognitive area,” said Singh in reference to artificial intelligence, adding: “We’ll move towards super intelligence [in the future]. It is not available today”.

Super intelligent AI

By super intelligence, Singh was referring to the possibility that computers may eventually be able to function similarly to the human brain.

If super intelligence does happen, he added, machines will be able to unlock complex algorithms in nanoseconds.

During his speech, Singh highlighted machine learning and natural language processing as two exciting areas within AI.

“Voice recognition is also happening very fast,” he said, adding: “50% of call centres today are based on voice recognition”.

Blockchain technology

Singh also signalled blockchain technology – and it’s use outside of the financial services world – as one of the mega trends in tech today.

To support his point, the senior partner mentioned a proof-of-concept recently unveiled by IBM and Samsumg, which saw the two tech giants develop a decentralised Internet of Things network based on blockchain technology.

The ADEPT concept, as it is known, would allow a reconfigured Samsung W9000 washing machine to use smart contracts to order detergent directly from a retailer.

In so doing, the contracts would enable the device to pay for the order and for it to receive the new supplies directly.

“[Blockchain] is an absolutely fascinating field and there lots of different applications,” concluded Singh.

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