5 Promising UK-Based Startups to Watch in 2021

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The United Kingdom is one of the best countries for entrepreneurship, being one of the references in Europe when it comes to starting a startup. London is the city that stands as the queen of English startups, with one of the wealthiest and most dynamic entrepreneurship ecosystems in actuality. Not surprisingly, there are many startups rising directly from there or using the country as a launching pad for products, ideas, and services.

The challenges behind creating startups in the UK

The current political landscape is affecting the English startup system, as funding has been reduced due to the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union. Startups need to make decisions in the face of the lack of action of many investors, so some have already begun to move to other more stable countries, such as the USA, Germany, France, or Israel. However, the UK continues to be home to great startups that make us realize the influence technology has on our reality.

On the other hand, when talking about technology and startups, cybersecurity is one of the most controversial topics. Startups should always consider getting a VPN to ensure the online security of their company and customers. What is a VPN? It is a virtual private network that allows you to connect your devices to the Internet through external servers over an encrypted connection.

The sophisticated encryption of the best VPNs makes all incoming and outgoing data on your computer inaccessible to third parties, even if you connect from vulnerable networks such as those in coffee shops or public libraries. Keeping sensitive data safe is one of the primary needs of any startup, and one of the best ways to do this is to maintain an encrypted connection on both desktops and mobile devices at all times.

Despite all this, the UK remains an unrivaled showcase of innovative and safe projects that have revolutionized their industries and the world’s perception of digital marketing and e-commerce. Here are five of the most groundbreaking startups from across the United Kingdom.


Banks and finance companies generally have to act following many regulatory requirements. However, conventional compliance management systems lack efficient data storage and organization. Startups worldwide are working to create comprehensive compliance management suites based on risk assessment with analytics and data mining functions.

UK-based startup REGnosys offers a technological platform called Rosetta. It aims to facilitate implementing the Common Domain Model for financial sector players with enforced compliance mechanisms. Rosetta’s solution saves costs and risks based on a specific operational lifecycle design.

Carbon Clean

Carbon Clean is a world leader in low-cost CO2 capture technology. The company’s patented technology significantly reduces the costs and environmental impacts of CO2 separation compared to existing techniques.

The technology has been proven in more than 10 locations, including the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, India, Norway, and the Netherlands. It is currently in use at the world’s most significant industrial-scale carbon capture and utilization plant in Tuticorin, India. The UK government has supported the development of its Carbon Clean technology through competitive grants.

Backstreet Academy

Backstreet Academy’s goal is to take its peer-to-peer travel platform to different locations in Southeast Asia and, subsequently, to expand worldwide. The primary purpose of this startup is to promote sustainable tourism, with trips that care for the environment and preserve cultural heritage.

The secondary idea of this project, recently awarded the first Booking startup accelerator program, with a 400,000 euro endowment, is to provide tools to the communities they visit to connect directly to the tourism industry. This means that not only do they do sustainable tourism, but they also foster micro-entrepreneurship and the local economy.


PeoplePerHour is an online marketplace that matches small businesses with freelancers to encourage work between SMEs and the self-employed. The company was launched in 2007 and has seen growth that has been boosted in the last year.

It currently has one million users who use its platform daily to find freelance work, becoming at the same time a meeting point to promote and discover talent. The company operates globally and is set to revolutionize the way people look for work if the paradigm shift in the way freelancers work is finally confirmed in the coming years.


Deliveroo’s app offers takeout from thousands of restaurants, many of which had never offered home delivery before the startup burst onto the scene. The ultimate goal is not just to make food delivery more effortless but to end cooking at home for most people.

The startup has revolutionized home delivery, reaching a value of $2 billion, and is now in talks to be acquired by Uber for billions. The road has not been a smooth one, and Shu and the company have had to deal with issues such as workers’ rights for the thousands of freelance drivers who deliver the food and have no access to financial benefits.