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4 ways scaleups can compete with the tech giants for talent


Tech recruitment is hotter than ever before. There are two main drivers for this surge in demand; the requirement for more digital products and services from digitally native businesses and digital transformation from organisations which are trying to keep up in a changing market. In an economy with largely rising unemployment, there are currently more tech roles than suitable applicants. If you read UKTN daily you can see the millions invested in tech growth, with the UK receiving a record $15bn in venture capital funding. So, if you’re a tech scaleup right now one of the biggest limitations to growth will likely be finding talent.

But the world of work has changed significantly too and is unrecognisable compared to a year ago. How, without offices, and with the growth of the Open Talent Economy (where businesses can hire remote staff from any location), do high growth tech companies differentiate themselves in order to hire the best people for their business and ensure they don’t lose out on the larger tech companies with deeper pockets?

Here are four areas where hiring talent is changing and traditional recruitment likely to need a re-think:...